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16th July 2015

Max and Trainers

Dog Training in Edinburgh with Max Muir

Training Dogs and Owners

by Max Muir

Training at both ends of the leash is the key to forging a great relationship with your dog. I wanted to adopt and develop a way that shows people that there is no need for confrontation and that things can be accomplished by working in harmony with your dog. This sense of purpose coupled with his hopes and ideals gave birth to Action 4 Dogs.

Training your dog or teaching your dog life skills takes time and patience. It also takes a lot of keen observation as you assess your dog through different experiences that life throws at them.


Paying attention to developmental fear periods in your dog’s life is also very important. It is a time in your dogs development that needs attention and one where, in my opinion, the dog is not to be placed into any new or drastic changes or undue stress. Some dogs are great and can deal with whatever is thrown at them very well but for others that are more sensitive or insecure i believe care should be taken to make sure that the dog’s life is one of normal everyday occurrences that do not place any immediate / new stresses on the dog.


We all grow and learn through our experiences and at the end of the day if you want a well balanced dog in all your expectations, it takes years of accumulative experiences together to get that bond. Sometimes if you are dealing with a highly emotive response training is not the answer, it is how you both cope and get through it together. Trust takes time and we must also let the dog have time to mature and grow. There’s no such thing as a perfectly trained dog as each are individuals and well…we don’t live in a perfect world. As children need guidance and care until they are old enough to handle life in a situation and cope with it …so do dogs.


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