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‘Every dog deserves an education!’

Dog training is a skill like any other skill. The recipe for any dog training success is founded in commitment, effort and consistency. You do get out of it what you put in.

When is the best time to start training? Straight away is the answer.

If you have just acquired your first puppy, rescued a young adolescent dog or wish to channel your dog’s energy into activities that are befitting their energy and breed I have a rich variety of choice for you.

The training packages on offer are all specifically designed for you and your dog’s needs no matter which stage of life you are at with your dog. Dog training is built around a successful relationship and secure bond between owner and dog. My sessions with you are tailored to empower you with the tools you need to practise with to reach the level of training you require. Training is the cement that makes you your dog’s best friend, parent and safe keeper.

Take the time to read through the training plans on offer to find what is most suitable for your needs and then contact me to book your first session.


Dog Training Services

Max welcoming a dog

Introductory Session

Meet your trainer introductory session (1 ½ hours). If you are not…

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Collie Dog

Pay As You Go Dog Training

Don’t wish to commit to a package? Basic dog training

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Man with dog

Behaviour Training Packages

My behaviour training sessions are designed to enable you to

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Attentive Dog

Rescue Dogs & Overseas Rescues:

If your dog has already had a previous home or spent a…

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Max 121 Dog Training

121 Foundation

Behaviour training sessions can be arranged if you are experiencing difficulty, aggressive

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Dog during recall

Recall Level 1

Initial 1 ½ hour session followed by 3 x 1 hour block…

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Srevice image thumbnail

Recall Level 2

(clients will have ideally come through Level 1 otherwise a new assessment…

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Srevice image thumbnail

Ultimate Recall

Each Level at completion includes a final timescale assessment of your dog’s…

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Gun Dog + Retriever

You may not have a working dog, but your dog may have…

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The Puppy Taster

This is a one-off 2 hour session that can be arranged in…

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Puppy with toy

Puppy Foundation Package

The Taster (2 hours) plus one follow up session (1 hour) to…

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Ultimate Puppy Experience

includes the Taster (2 hours) plus a further 2 x 1 ½…

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