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Dogs at Play

Dog with Ball

The Benefits of Play.

I was fortunate to host Marc Bekoff for a 2-day seminar in Edinburgh some years back. Over the weekend we discussed play at great length.

Dogs who don’t play well or have much of an interest in play can find social encounters quite challenging. This obviously relates to some and not all dogs. Bekoff believes that the ability to play well deepens interactions with others as they can communicate what they like and don’t like very well and clearly.
Play among groups promotes trust, cooperation, niceness, fairness, forgiveness and humility. Of course, some Dogs social preference in my own opinion is more people oriented than towards other dogs. For these types of dogs although I’m in favour of play I always respect their preference and allow them their wishes.

What is your dog’s social preference? Are they a dog’s dog, people dog, or happily mixing in both ways?

Dog’s also like to play with other species very well…


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