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10th May 2019

Curiosity in Dogs

Dogs are born social, but social confidence can be destroyed if they feel overwhelmed and put under pressure where they feel their general safety is jeopardised. When dogs feel they are under constant pressure from the environment they become more alert and responsive to what is going on around them and less curious about investigating…

17th April 2019

Dog in the wild

Life is a challenge for dogs, humans and all other species How and what we teach our dogs can leave lasting impressions. We know that dogs learn by association, but the power of those associations are often underestimated. The primary aim for any dog, human or other mammal is safety and many of the social…

3rd February 2019

Dog with Ball

The Benefits of Play. I was fortunate to host Marc Bekoff for a 2-day seminar in Edinburgh some years back. Over the weekend we discussed play at great length. Dogs who don’t play well or have much of an interest in play can find social encounters quite challenging. This obviously relates to some and not…

3rd December 2018

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Fear Periods, or heightened periods of alertness, take place as certain developmental points in a dog’s development. They do not necessarily cause fear alone but stimulate the vital cautionary tool that dogs need in life. In street, feral or wild canines these periods are more pronounced and happen very quickly. They are a developing safety…

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