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Behaviour Training Package

My behaviour training sessions are designed to enable you to handle difficult and stressful behaviours you may be experiencing with your dog effectively and efficiently as you learn and acquire the necessary handling skills and tools needed to improve your dog’s quality of life.

The focus is on future solutions or working toward successful management. The initial assessment session can be conducted through a home visit or at my location if appropriate, followed by advice on going forward, an introduction to any specific training and handling techniques that are required including ongoing support to solving or managing your dog’s behaviour.

Behaviour training examples include:

  • Reactivity towards dogs/humans
  • Aggression towards dogs
  • Resource guarding
  • Fearful, phobic or anxious related social behaviour
  • Excessive stress


Option 1: The consult (2 hours) plus telephone support £160.00

Option 2: The consult (2 hours) plus 1 follow up session (1 ½ hour) £275.00

Option 3: The consult (2hours) plus 2 follow up sessions (1 ½ hour) £380.00
(2 x instalments available on option 2 & 3)

Areas covered Edinburgh and the Lothians, Fife, Perthshire, Glasgow by appointment. Please note that travel expenses apply. Email info@action4dogs.co.uk for a total cost.

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