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An Evening with Max in Dingwall

Courtesy of Highland Dogblog

Part 1

Your Dogs: The difference between training & relationship

6.30pm – 7.30pm

Do you work hard to implement many different training techniques and methods only to find that despite your countless efforts you are still struggling to get the desired effect?

The answer may lie in your relationship with your dogs. I am sure you are all very loving owners and dog parents, but at the end of the day we are human and they are dogs. What can often be inconsequential to us might be of major concern to our dogs, but they may only show it in subtle ways. Dogs can also be very good at masking their emotions. What we see and how we listen can help us understand our dogs better and possibly strengthen the relationship more through having a mutual understanding and acknowledgement of how they feel thus helping our training efforts to be a whole lot easier.

Lets delve into a discussion on the emotional interaction between human and dog.

Part 2

Calming the Storm: How to use our mindset to influence our dog training

8.00pm – 9.00pm

This part of the presentation is an open audience discussion.

With over 20 years of working one to one with clients throughout the UK I’ve come to know that the biggest challenge for owners in working with their dogs, especially concerning behaviour related training, lies in the mindset that they carry into each day and also how their minds function in pressure scenarios. In this open audience discussion I will share with you the mindset techniques I try to empower my clients and owners with so that they can get the best from each situation and also how they can utilise and make those mindful changes in dealing with stressful situations.

Date And Time

  • Fri, 18 October 2019
  • 6.30pm – 9.00pm

Location (see map below)

  • Dingwall Community Centre
  • Tulloch Street
  • Dingwall
  • IV15 9JZ



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Max July 2015 with a dog