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27th March 2019


Have you noticed signs that your dog is entering the older phase of life? Have you noticed any new or developing concerns your dog has shown towards the environment? Has your dog displayed any social behaviours that have changed as they have gotten older and slower? Age creeps up on all of us. As we…

20th March 2019

Walking the Dogs

Many of the reactions and expressions your dog may show in daily life stem from feelings of vulnerability and insecurity. When they find success in those expressive forms of behavior, for example lunging and barking on leash at other dogs or people, then you have a strong habit and employable behaviour in progress. There are…

3rd February 2019

Dog with Ball

The Benefits of Play. I was fortunate to host Marc Bekoff for a 2-day seminar in Edinburgh some years back. Over the weekend we discussed play at great length. Dogs who don’t play well or have much of an interest in play can find social encounters quite challenging. This obviously relates to some and not…

3rd January 2019

Smiling Dogs

My dogs appear to be smiling here. Some breeds are famous for it such as my old Dalmatian coming to mind. Do your dogs smile…or perform any other distinctly different facial expression, sound…or talk even? Photos welcome!!!